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You called and I’ve answered as Tein T.S Jack-Rich Declares for President .

It is with great pleasure that I bring to your notice my fellow Nigerians, I can not recall the amount of calls, meetings and messages I’ve received to avail myself for this huge task and service to run for the number one office of our beloved nation Nigeria, after a lot of consultations and prayers, Last week my team picked the Nomination and expression of interest forms for me which I’ve filled and my team submitted yesterday to the glory of God.

Like I told so many who came to me, and those I met, this is not an ambition but a vision to bring Nigeria back to its glory days, to its position as the capital of Africa, a nation where all black race should look up to, revive and bring back to life an economic boom that will take many out of poverty and hunger, provide jobs for many and to put an end to insecurity and hate between us as Nigerians.

Today, I will be making my official declaration and a media chat which would be covered live across our National Tv stations, there I will give the road map of the vision.

I will ask for just one thing from all of you, pray for me, pray for this vision, pray for Nigeria, God bless you all.

—— Tein T.S Jack-Rich.


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