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World’s first artificial womb facility which lets you choose baby’s characteristics unveiled

This is the world’s first artificial womb facility – and you can choose your baby’s characteristics from a menu. EctoLife, which can raise 30,000 babies a year, is said to be based on over fifty years of groundbreaking scientific research.

Behind the concept is the Berlin biotechnologist and science communicator Hashem Al-Ghaili. He says the facilities would allow infertile couples to conceive a baby and become the true biological parents of their own offspring.

A so-called “elite package” would allow you to genetically manipulate the embryo before implanting it in the artificial womb. From eye and hair color to strength, height and intelligence, everything can be chosen and inherited hereditary diseases avoided.

Hashem explains, “The launch of EctoLife, the world’s first artificial womb facility powered entirely by renewable energy.” According to the World Health Organization, around 300,000 women die from pregnancy complications.

“EctoLife’s artificial uterus was designed to alleviate human suffering and reduce the likelihood of cesarean sections.” “With EctoLife, premature births and cesarean sections are a thing of the past.” According to Hashem, it also offers a solution for women who have had their uterus due to surgically removed from cancer or other complications.

It could also help countries suffering from sharp population declines, including Japan, Bulgaria, South Korea and many others. Hashem believes the technology is already available and only ethical imperatives stand in the way of the concept of receding from reality. He says: “Every single feature mentioned in the concept is 100% scientifically based and has already been achieved by scientists and engineers.

“All that remains is to build a prototype by combining all the functions in a single device.” As for the timeline, it really depends on the ethical guidelines. Research on human embryos is currently not permitted for more than 14 days. “After 14 days, embryos must be destroyed for ethical reasons.”

If these ethical restrictions are relaxed, I give 10 to 15 years before we use EctoLife widely everywhere. “Added five years of public awareness and education to help people become more receptive to the technology.” The facility has 75 well-equipped laboratories, each capable of accommodating up to 400 growth capsules or artificial wombs.

Each capsule is designed to replicate the exact conditions that exist inside the mother’s womb. A single building can house up to 30,000 lab-grown babies


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