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US strengthens ties with Nigeria, extends visa validity to 5 years

The United States Mission has increased visitor visa validity from 24 months to 60 months for Nigerians who want to enter America temporarily for business and/or tourism.

The action reiterates the assurance of the U.S. government that it remains committed to strengthening ties with Africa’s most populous nation.

The extension allows Nigerians to use the visa for 60 months to make short trips to the United States for tourism or business purposes before having to renew.

A statement by the U.S. Embassy on Monday said the visa application fee, currently USD160, will not increase as a result of the increased visa validity.

“Increasing visa validity is one of several initiatives taken by the United States to reduce visa appointment wait times in Nigeria,” it reads.

The U.S. Mission continues to offer No-Interview Visa Renewals to those who meet the eligibility criteria. Appointments for No-Interview Visa Renewals are readily available.

Those eligible for visa renewal without an interview are applicants for a B1/B2, F, M, J (academic only), H, L, or C1/D (combined only) visa.

They must be physically present in Nigeria, previous visa issued in Nigeria, and previous visa in the same classification as current application.

Previous visa must be a full-validity, multiple-entry visa; previous visa expired within the last 48 months or will expire in the next 3 months from the date of application.

“You have all your passports covering the entire period since receiving the previous visa and the passport with the most recent visa.

“You have never been arrested or convicted of any crime or offense in the United States? You have never worked without authorization or remained beyond your permitted time in the U.S.,” the statement reads.

The Mission added that processing times are expected to be up to two months and applicants will not be able to retrieve their passports during that time.


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