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UK Offers New Work Visa For Teachers, Nigerians Can Apply

Nigerians can now apply for qualified teacher status through the Teaching Regulation Agency in the United Kingdom, from February 2023, following the listing of Nigeria as one of the eligible African countries for the job.

Other foreign countries, which are eligible for the UK teaching job include Ghana, Hong Kong, India, Jamaica, Singapore, South Africa, Ukraine and Zimbabwe.

The UK Department for Education, in a publication earlier this month (December), announced the application for interested non-UK nationals.

According the Department, the applicants do not even necessarily require initial teaching qualifications as the country offers a training programme for the potential migrants.

The publication reads, “From February 1, 2023, teachers who qualified in the following nine countries (listed above) will also be able to apply to the QTR through the TRA.

“Teachers from all eligible countries will have to show they meet a consistent set of criteria for the award of the QTS. Over time, this route will be opened to qualified teachers from every country outside the UK.

“To apply for assessment – only QTS, you do not need a formal teacher training qualification.

“However, you must have: a minimum of two years teaching experience, a first (bachelor’s) degree from a UK or non-UK university, an English language qualification which is the same standard as a grade four General Certificate of Secondary Education, a maths qualification which is the same standard as a grade four GCSE to teach children aged three to 11 in primary school, a physics, chemistry or biology (science) qualification which is the same standard as a grade four GCSE.”


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