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Tinubu Vows To Sustain President Buhari’s Legacies If Elected In 2023

The Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Bola Tinubu, says if elected next year, he will build on the legacies of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Tinubu made the declaration in Abuja on Tuesday at the Ministerial Performance Review Retreat.

He commended President Buhari “for doing so well for Nigeria since he assumed office in 2015.”

The APC candidate made an appearance at the retreat on the invitation of the organisers.

He said; “Mr. President and other members of the administration, may I state the following: if elected, I will give due honour to your efforts and your legacy. I will work in the spirit of further unity, a national purpose that informed the creation of our party that characterized the work of your government.

“Most importantly, the way and means of a Tinubu government will be devoted to further projects and to prosper the Nigerian people because our guiding principle will be to provide the best of progressive governance and reform our beloved land. Consider these three promises, to build on the positive and goals of your nine points agenda. On behalf of all well-meaning Nigerians I wish you a successful retreat.

Tinubu, who praised the effort of the Buhari led administration in routing out insurgents, expressed optimism that terrorism would be defeated.

He said; “Upon entering office, you faced a situation where deadly terrorists, were planting flags on our national territory proclaiming an illegal state within our legitimate state. Because of your collective work, they no longer plant those flags, they dare not. Their boast of conquest is no longer heard. You have put us on the road to defeating this menace. By the grace of Almighty God we shall persist until terrorists and those like them are utterly removed from the face of our nation.

“The progress you made increasing farm productivity while improving the condition of the average farmer, was a border policy intervention helping the nation overcome the global supply chain disruptions that threaten our food security. Despite financial headwinds, you embarked on an unparalleled expansion of the national infrastructure. Work in the power sector may be slow but it will show some dividends amidst the increased investors in this area,” he explained.

He also commended the giant strides recorded by President Buhari in fighting corruption, oil and gas sector and defeating Covid-19.

“You see, history has a way of clearing the myths so that things can be said clearly and objectively. Any objective assessment of your time and the national contribution you all have made will be a positive and grateful one.

Tinubu said; “This administration inherited a national condition stitched in difficulty unlike any other. Predecessor government ignored or lacked the will to tackle serious problems ranging from insecurity to corruption. As if that was not enough, you confronted a series of events unprecedentedly compounded by the complexity and novelist of Covid that attacked global health and the global economy.

“Throughout most of your tenure, oil prices waned and edged and consequently, so did our revenue. The Ukrainian prices and all the conflicts coupled with severe weather events in many nations further depleted economic production and undermined the international supply chain of regular items, especially food. You did more than expected and withstood these adverse storms, despite it all, you made historic progress,” he said.


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