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Scientists create new robot that could help diagnose breast cancer earlier

A new robot developed by the University of Bristol could help diagnose breast cancer early.

The device could make clinical breast examinations more accessible as they could take place locally in pharmacies.

The robot’s efficacy was tested using a silicone breast to see how accurate it was at detecting lumps.

“We hope that in the future this could be a real help in diagnosing cancers early,” said George Jenkinson, lead author on the project.

“There have been a few attempts in the past to use technology to improve these examinations.

“But having a robot or electronic device that can physically feel breast tissue could be revolutionary”

Man stares at robot clamp which could help breast examinations
Image caption,George Jenkinson lead the research with a team at the University of Bristol

The device, which is called the manipulator, was designed by a team at the University of Bristol in the Bristol Robotics Laboratory.

It was made with a 3D printer and it was tested using simulated experiments on a silicone breast.

“We hope that the research can help identify large-scale trends that could help diagnose breast cancer early,” said Mr Jenkinson.

“The ultimate goal is that the device and sensors will have the capability to detect lumps more accurately and deeper than is possible only from applying human touch.”


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