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Samsung unveils Voice Cloning Al that will make users to be able to clone their voice to respond to calls

Samsung has a plan to improve Bixby, its artificial intelligence based virtual assistant. Taking advantage of the recent arrival of its Galaxy S23 series, the company has announced a series of changes aimed at making Bixby a most complete and advanced assistantamong them, a most interesting function that will allow the assistant clone user voice to answer calls on your own.

It is not the first time that we have seen artificial intelligence systems capable of imitating voices, but it is one of the first in which a system of this type ends up being implemented in a service that, without having a user base as wide as Siri or the Google Assistant, is present in millions of devices of all the world.

Bixby will answer calls with your voice, and will even imitate the voices of users

In the announcement, Samsung has detailed the different news that will come to Bixby soon. One of them is Bixby Text Calla feature available in English, which allows users to answer calls through text messages, which will be transformed into audio by Bixby to transmit them to the caller.

But the firm goes further, and has announced Bixby Custom Voice Creatoran even more curious function, which allows the user to record various phrases to train Bixbyso that the wizard can create a AI-generated model of your voice and pitch. Thus, the assistant will answer calls by imitating the user’s voice.

This function, which will only be available in the Korean language at the moment, will also allow use AI-generated speech in other applications beyond the phone app.

In the past, companies like Google they already tried to implement similar features in some of their services. Duplex was a tool that allowed make calls and make reservations in establishments autonomously with a series of indications offered by the user, thanks to the Google Assistant. The reception by the public was not entirely positive, partly due to its reduced availability.

Recently, Google decided to end once and for all with the web version of Duplex, although its technology is still present in functions such as the Google Pixel call filteringwhich allows you to use the Wizard to consult the caller about the purpose of the call. Something similar to what Samsung has now incorporated into Bixby.


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