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History has proven that crisis often births innovation. This can be observed in the African banking and Fintech sector. Over the past decade, the dampening profitability has led to unprecedented innovation being stirred up from first-time customer channels, automation, and the new back-office technologies.

This year, Reputation Poll International, a leading global reputation-management firm, known globally for its annual ranking of the 100 Most Reputable People and Most Reputable Bank CEOs in various countries,will be recognizing Banks, Fintechs and individuals in the finance sector who have built and played an imperative role in revolutionizing the banking sector based on the following criteria; Excellence, Integrity, Reliability, Expertise, Technology, and ease of credit- helping their Banks attain a great height of performance.

The 2022 edition of the annual Reputable Banks and Fintech Awards & Conference is here again.

The RBFA and Conference is designed to acknowledge rapid expansion, integration, accelerated growth and reforms of Africa’s banking and financial sector.

Together with the poll from the public and customers, the RBFA will honor and celebrate outstanding Banks and Fintech Institutions that are moving Africa’s rapidly transforming finance sector.

“We will celebrate the achievements of those who are driving growth, development, paving new economic opportunities for citizens and communities and inspiring the new generations of bankers who are shaping Africa’s economic future.,” said Beldina Auma; the
Co-Chair of the RBFA Audit Committee (Reputation Poll International &
Former Chair of World Bank Group-IMF African Society).

The 2022 RBFA conference will feature a broad range of discussions and debates by top facilitators from Africa and Europe bringing theoretical & practical experiences to guide on how various sectors can work together to promote financial inclusion. Key stakeholders will include banks, insurance, donors, investors, policymakers and regulators.

Also, one of the important features of the RFBA conference include Branding strategies for accelerated growth: providing financial institutions the awesome opportunity to learn winning branding strategies that will help to build their equities and maintain dominance in their markets.

Nominees for the 2022 Reputable Banks & Fintech Awards are carefully selected topnotch banking and financial institutions in Africa.

The Annual RBF Awards & Conference 2022 is scheduled to hold between Tuesday 28th – Thursday 30th June 2022 at Raddison Red, Finnieston Quay 25 Tunnel Street, Glasgow, G3 8HL, Scotland, United Kingdom.

For nominations, sponsorship, reservations and inquiries, please email: or



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