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Queen Elizabeth launches own brand of washing up liquid for £14.99

The Queen has proved she is not too posh to do her own dishes as she launches her very own brand of washing up liquid.

Her Majesty, due to turn 96 next month, created a special cleaning product after discovering she loved the household chore during the pandemic.

But unlike traditional supermarket brands, the Natural Dish Wash – which is scented with botanical ingredients to produce the smell of ‘coastal walks’ – costs the princely sum of £14.99 a bottle.

The 500ml bottle, which features the Royal Sandringham Estate logo, is priced at 10 times that of popular brand Fairy Liquid.

The label says the product has been ‘inspired by a shared passion for protecting our environment’.

We have collaborated with Norfolk Natural Living to create our dish wash just 10 miles from the estate, using the finest botanical ingredients.’

Her Majesty, who will this year celebrate her Platinum Jubilee, also recently launched her own dog perfume on sale at Sandringham, Mail Online reports.

The monarch, an avid dog lover and known for keeping Corgis, created the Happy Hounds Dog Cologne to help rid pets of unwanted odours and keep them ‘smelling fresh’.

Royal author Juliet Riden said the Queen particularly enjoyed doing her own washing up in summer home Balmoral.

She was very happy to roll up her sleeves and get her hands dirty as part of a ‘normal’ existence.

And she regularly did the washing up after family barbecues at the Scottish estate, Ms Riden said.

The Queen’s range of products at Sandringham also includes honey made by bees on the estate.

The 454g jar is on sale for an eyewatering £14.99 – but as one shopper said, it is ‘rather expensive but tastes absolutely delicious, so it is worth it.’

And of course, it is not just any honey.

The sweet spread, made by Norfolk beekeeper Leigh Goodsell, comes from hives kept and cared for on the Queen’s land.

The bees harvest nectar ‘from the avenues of pleached Lime trees, wild flowers including clover, and blackcurrants.’


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