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President Tinubu approves creation of FCT civil service commission

President Bola Tinubu has approved the establishment of a Civil Service Commission for the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and a Secretariat for Women’s Affairs.

Nyesom Wike, the Minister of FCT, announced at a press conference on Friday. The commission will be responsible for addressing the challenges civil servants face in the capital city, particularly related to career progression.

The approval follows the enactment of the Civil Service (Establishment) Act in 2018, which allows for creating a commission responsible for appointing, promoting, disciplining, and transferring civil servants within the Civil Service of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

The Act aims to improve the plight of civil servants, who have been unable to reach their career goals due to a lack of political will to implement the legislation in the past

Wike emphasized the importance of the Act, saying that past leaders had failed to implement it due to fear of criticism. He expressed his concern for the plight of civil servants in the FCT, who have no hope of achieving the peak of their careers.

“The entire civil servants of FCT have all lost hope. They cannot move on to become permanent secretaries. Everybody has been running away nobody wants to implement the Act. Nobody has the political will to implement it. The civil servants in FCT are suffering; they have lost hope, and they are no longer committed because they can’t get to the apex of their careers. We must implement that 2018 Act”, Wike said

The minister also confirmed that the Act can be amended if necessary during implementation.

Wike also revealed that the approval for the Women’s Secretariat was granted to promote inclusivity, highlighting the vital role women play in the growth and development of the country.


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