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NNPCL-approved security agents capture crude oil thieves disguised as sewage transporters

Crude oil thieves disguised as sewage transporters have been captured by private security operatives. This is according to the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited. According to NNPCL, the crude oil thieves were captured by Tantita Security Services Limited, lifting crude from an asset belonging to NNPCL.

Two weeks ago, the security outfit received intelligence reports about the activities of the crude oil thieves who were pretending to transport sewage while stealing crude oil. The security operatives found out that a 1,000 metric ton capacity barge was coming to berth alongside its jetty, loaded with illegal crude oil declared as sludge.

According to the Executive Director, Operations and Technical at Tantita Security Services Nigeria Limited, Captain Warredi Enisuoh, his team were monitoring the said Jetty for suspicious activities. At this time, it was observed that a sewage truck with Plate No. JR7750XA visited the Jetty twice.

On its third visit on Friday, May 12, the Truck was accosted by the Tantita Security operatives. While inspecting the truck, it was discovered that the substance found inside the tank was not sewage but crude oil. Immediately, the driver was arrested and handed over to the armed forces. Captain Enisuoh said:

  • “The driver later revealed the destination of the contents, which took us to another yard inland, operated by Mawe Services Limited. Within the Mawe Services Limited’s premises, there were two metallic cylindrical tanks of about 45,000 liters capacity, each.
  • “Both tanks were inspected, and one was found to be filled up with Crude Oil. An inspection of the Yard Security logbook showed that the truck visited the location severally and the contents of the truck were well spelt out as “crude”.

According to Captain Enisuoh, the stolen crude oil would be stored at a barge and then transferred to illegal refineries with smaller vehicles for processing into petrol and diesel.


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