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Kenya Launches First Sign Language Interpreters’ App

Kenya on Thursday launched a mobile application for people with impaired hearing to access sign language interpretation services.

AssistALL, an innovation by Signs Media Kenya Limited, is the first mobile phone app to provide sign language interpretation services in Kenya.

The app, which was initially developed to bridge the communication gap between deaf persons and healthcare providers at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, is now being utilized in other sectors such as higher education, general healthcare, judicial system, government services and finance.

ICT and Broadcasting Chief Administrative Secretary Maureen Mbaka said the assistApp shall reduce communication challenges experienced by health service providers.

“Henceforth, doctors or nurses who don’t understand Sign Language can diagnose illness and administer medication to the people with hearing loss via this app, hence improving delivery of healthcare to this critical population,” said Mbaka.

According to research conducted by Signs Media Kenya Limited, the mobile ownership disability gap in Kenya is 11 percent, meaning that persons with disabilities are 11% less likely to own a mobile phone than people without disabilities.

The research further shows that the gap widens for smartphone ownership as persons with disabilities are 72% less likely to own a smartphone than persons without disabilities.


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