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Kanye Is Hoping Elon Musk Will Launch Him, His Kids and His Music Into Space

As much ridicule as he draws onto himself and his art because of his occasionally erratic and/or offensive behavior, rapper Kanye West is not without powerful friends. One of them is Elon Musk, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO confident humanity will have its first Mars landing within five years.

Strangely, Elon Musk is also the only one of the three billionaires engaged in the so-called “billionaire space race” not to launch himself into space – or, for that matter, not even mention the possibility of such a thing. According to a new report, he’s not ruling it out, especially if his friend Kanye West (Ye, as of late) will tag along for the ride.

As per the same report, which comes from an unnamed source speaking to HollywoodLife (*insert huge grain of salt here), Kanye and Elon do speak a lot about going to space, both as a team and on their own.

“Kanye and Elon have talked about taking a space flight together – but there has not been discussions on an exact date or exact time to do it,” the tipster shares. “They are friends and talk about everything but they don’t have set plans to go together, although the discussion has been had.”

And while no plan has been laid out yet, the insider says that, when Elon asks Ye if he’d like a trip to space, Ye will be ready. More than that, he will be armed with ideas to “show off his art,” like the aforementioned album listening party.

Elon attended Kanye’s Donda 2 listening party in Miami last month.And just days ago, Pete, 28, canceled his mission on Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin after the flight was postponed; it was originally booked for March 23 but moved.

The source added: “Kanye is not exactly jealous of Pete going to space but when and if he does, he doesn’t want it to look like he is copying Pete.” 

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