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Grey hair not only for aged, but as genetic deficiencies

Dr. Martin Adejo, a medical expert, has attributed gray hair in people to genetics, stress, disease, and some vitamin deficiencies.

He said that gray hair was not just for the elderly as it could be seen at all ages, which had made both the old and the young feel at home with the growth.

Adejo responded to the Nigerian News Agency survey on gray hair in Jos on Friday.

He said some people might have gray hair very early in their elementary or post-primary school life, but that didn’t mean they were sick.

“I said before, gray hair in young people can be due to genetic tendency, stress due to the type of life or work they do, lack of vitamins or diseases, to be sure, medical check-ups are needed,” he said.

Adejo said that growing gray hair shouldn’t be a worrying trait for anyone once it’s medically certified, people should take the growth as a new trend.

“Worrying about the growth of gray hair is not a solution but a change of attitude to accept the growth as a fashion trend and enjoy its appearance,” he advised.

some of the respondents said that having gray hair is no longer a source of concern for them because going gray is now a fashion trend and is no longer a sign of old age.

Mrs. Hannatu Bello, a 47-year-old woman, said that before she saw herself careless and always worried about her appearance.

Bello said that since gray hair changed the old norm of being a stigma, I’ve developed more self-confidence.

Mr. Andrew Bello, said that before he was always dyeing his hair grey, but now everyone admired him and called him a ‘handsome silver fox man’.

“I am only 58 years old and I am all gray and my beard also turned gray making me look handsome; I hear women say that you look good and my wife is also crazy about my appearance, “said Bello.

Ms Angela Emeka, a 44-year-old woman, said she started going gray in her early twenties and was worried at the time, but now there was a paradigm shift in fashion that had given her the courage to be proud of her.

“There is a social change from women who fear gray hair, growing old to loving and embracing them and it is a global social change,” Emeka said.

Miss Abigail Dung, a 20-year-old who dyed her hair grey, said that celebrities around the world now wear gray as the fashion.

Miss Jumai Johnson, a teenager, wearing a gray wig, said gray hair was not just for old people, but a color for everyone.

“This development has helped remove the stigma that hair color was associated with aging,” said Johnson.

Many people confessed that gray hair is no longer a cause for concern, as they have learned to keep themselves neat and look decent at all times


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