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Chief of Defence Staff visits Gov Fubara amidst Rivers crisis

Sim Fubara, the Rivers State governor currently in the eye of the storm, received a reassuring visit in Port Harcourt Wednesday. Nigeria’s Chief of Defence Staff, Christopher Gwarbin Musa visited the governor of the oil producing state.

This is as the governor also gave hints that the political crisis in the state would be resolved. He has also started using President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s catch-phrases especially on democracy.

The situation in Rivers State is still confusing as many mouths seem to speak for the two main gladiators; Fubara and Nyesom Wike.

Fubara told his visitor, the Chief of Defence Staff, that the forthcoming off-season election in some selected states should be conducted transparently to become one of the best and the military has to do everything possible to be professional in order not to truncate it.

Fubara noted that President Tinubu is also interested in a free and fair elections in order to allow the will of the electorate to prevail. He said that is why the President has given marching orders to the military to ensure that there is no intimidation or molestation during the electioneering period.

“The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has his theme, which is ‘Renewed Hope Agenda’ and I strongly believe that free and fair elections are part of it. That is why he must have commissioned you to make sure that this off-season election is conducted in a manner that will reflect that the people voted for who they want,” Fubara said.

“So, I want to thank you for taking the pains moving from one state to another to put the right things in place. I strongly believe that this off-season election is going to be transparent and one of the best ever conducted.”

The governor also applauded the Army, Navy, and Airforce for the various roles they have played in complimenting the Nigerian Police in helping to ensure security in Rivers State

On the recent political crisis in the State, Fubara assured that it is a family affair and whatever the issues were would be resolved amicably.

He further stated that the political tension raised in the state would be doused and every contending issue amicably resolved for the state to move forward.

On his part, the Chief of Defence Staff, assured the governor that the military would not renege on their statutory mandate of maintaining peace and preserving the unity of Nigeria.

Musa said modalities have been put in place to ensure peaceful conduct of the November 11 off-season elections warning that any officer that compromises the process would be prosecuted.

The Chief of Defence Staff who acknowledged the strategic importance and contributions of Rivers State to Nigeria’s economic development, assured the protection of the nation’s assets and check the menace of crude oil theft and pipeline vandalism.

Meanwhile, a high court judge in Isiokpo division of the Rivers State judiciary, Ben Whyte, Wednesday, November 1, 2023, issued an order barring any impeachment proceeding against Gov Fubara.

Observers however notice that Fubara has been reversing some of the actions credited against him on Monday. He is also quoted to call the crisis mere ‘family matter’.

Other sources say the Rivers elders have sided Wike and ordered Fubara to reverse statements that blamed Wike



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