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Blinken Commends Tinubu’s Efforts To Restore Constitutional Order In Niger

Antony Blinken, United States secretary of state, has commended President Bola Tinubu’s leadership of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) on the Niger Republic crisis.

Blinken spoke with the president via phone on Monday, according to a statement released by the US state department.

“The Secretary commended President Tinubu’s leadership of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Second Extraordinary Summit on the situation in the Republic of Niger,” the statement reads.

“He noted the importance of maintaining pressure on the National Council for the Safeguard of the Homeland (CNSP) to restore constitutional order and to see President Mohamed Bazoum and his family released.”

In a tweet, Blinken said: “Spoke to Nigerian President Tinubu to commend his leadership of the Economic Community of West African States and discussed shared efforts to restore constitutional order in Niger”


ECOWAS has led the international community in the aftermath of the Niger coup.

A few hours after the July 26 coup, Tinubu condemned the development, saying ECOWAS would not tolerate anti-democratic acts in the region.

The ECOWAS chairperson also vowed that the bloc would do everything within its powers to ensure that peace returns to Niger and to the West African subregion.

In the union’s first meeting on the development, ECOWAS reeled out a host of sanctions on Niger including the closure of all land and air borders between ECOWAS member countries and Niger, and an ECOWAS ‘no fly zone’ on all commercial flights to and from Niger.

Others included suspension of all commercial and financial transactions between ECOWAS member states and Niger, and a halt in the supply of electricity to the landlocked nation.

The bloc also ordered the junta to reinstate Bazoum or risk military intervention.

Days after the junta defied the bloc’s deadline, ECOWAS reconvened for a second summit and ordered the deployment of standby military troops.

Tinubu said ECOWAS remains committed to supporting Niger achieve democratic stability.


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