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ASUU: Atiku pledges to work with university authorities to end incessant strikes

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, yesterday pledged to end the incessant strikes by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), stressing that education is a fundamental right of any youth.

Atiku, who stated this during an event mmn. by the PDP national youth leader to commemorate the international youth day, said there is no reason why the strike should extend this long, adding that it could never happen under a PDP administration.

He further reiterated that he would run a young inclusive government if he wins next year’s presidential election.

The former Vice President who recounted how his father almost deprived him of education, said “Now the most important and fundamental rights of any youth, whenever is the right to education. Therefore, I take very strong exception to the strike by ASUU and the inability of the government to resolve that crisis. It will never happen under a PDP government or under my administration when I am elected.

Do you know why I say that? I have been investing in education for the past 30 years. In nursery I started Primary, Secondary, University we have never gone on strike for even one day. So if me Atiku Abubakar can establish nursery Primary, Secondary School University and yet no strike for one day, why should we have strike by university teachers? I want to pledge that I will work with university authorities and government to make sure we end this incessant strike by ASUU.

“This is because it is fundamental to your growth. It doesn’t matter whether you are in politics, whether you’re in business, in whatever sector you are. The fundamental right of every youth or every citizen is to be educated. And therefore it is the responsibility of any responsible government to make sure that right is given to every Nigerian every youth in this country.”On his pledge to run a youth inclusive government, he said “It is our responsibility to provide you the opportunities to acquire the training and also the experience to take over from us, your parents just as the Chairman said.

“So youth of this country. I believe that the PDP provides the best platform for you actualize your individual, collective and national aspirations.I therefore call on the use of Nigeria to join the PDP, to support the PDP, to return PDP to power so that we can rescue this country and make sure we rescue Nigeria, we must make sure we rescue the most important segment of our population, that is the youth,” he said.


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