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Algeria Discovers Six New Oil Reserves

The Algerian energy company, Sonatrach, announced that it had made six oil and gas discoveries during the first quarter of this year, including a discovery near the border with Libya.

Sonatrach stated that it had discovered reserves of oil and gas in the “Ohant” area in the border state of Illizi with Libya, with a daily flow rate of 336,930 cubic meters of gas, and 1,504 barrels of condensate.

Sonatrach indicated that two wells were drilled in the “Amqid Masoud” basin, with a daily flow rate of 5,699 barrels of oil, 170,416 cubic meters of gas at the level of the first well, a daily flow rate of 4,856 barrels of oil, and 255,912 cubic meters of gas. gas in the second well.

Sonatrach added that the fourth and fifth discoveries were in the “Berkin Basin”, where the fourth discovery reached a daily flow of 266,532 cubic meters of gas, 1,905 barrels of oil and 239 barrels of condensate, and that the fifth discovery amounted to 3,117 barrels of oil and 219,336 cubic meters. cubes of gas.

Sonatrach added that the recent discovery was in the “Oued Mia Basin” near the wilaya of Laghouat, with a daily production of 168,312 cubic meters of gas and 453 barrels of crude.


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