VARDIAFRICA is a duly registered international media organization based in Nigeria, and the United States of America. We are involved in Africa image branding with the aim to positively project Africa’s value and Excellence-The good in Africa. In recent times the image of African Countries, Governments, Businesses and Individual personality has been greatly damaged without a reference to the positive things happening in the continent. We intend to bridge this gap by working with various African Countries, government agencies, Private Sectors to consistently report to the globe through our magazine, the great policies, achievements and other information designed to positively project Africa. We are the publishers of VARDIAFRICA MAGAZINE.

Our Scope includes African Economy, Access to Fund, Finance/Banking Sector, Aviation Sector, Fashion, Agriculture, Investment opportunities, Oil & Gas, Mining, Government/NGOs, Tourism, Sports, Music, Telecommunications, Housing etc.
We project and celebrate Africans and Businesses in the continent that has made positive impacts in the society thereby promoting Africa’s Value and Excellence, which is the hallmark of our organization.

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